1/2" Panel Mounting System - Butt Joints

Within the realm of custom design and installation of large-scale mural paintings there are effectively no limitations to what can be engineered save for lack of imagination. Over many years of installations the primary lesson learned is the time-honored one of simplicity.

In installations where visible joins can be tolerated, a very acceptable seismically competent system is achieved by butt-joining ½" honeycomb panels with splines. The edges are all ½" x ½" x 1/8" extruded aluminum "U" channel. This allows for a very tight fit of ¼" aluminum splines. Typical individual panels are 4' or 5' wide and up to 13' long.

The rigidity and planarity of this system is excellent while providing the joint slippage necessary for energy dissipation in a seismic event.

The mass is low (approximately 0.9 - 1.0 lb.ft2) makes a large array easy to install and ship. Also, the unit loadings are insignificant so that mounting on even historic wall surfaces is not a structural or engineering issue.

Splined Joining System

The picture contains all of the components of a typical mounting. The adhesive pictured is a two-part structural acrylic used to fix the splines into one side of the channel as well as to attach the adjustable passivated SS pads to the back of the panels for wall placement. The predrilled SS bracket is to hold the panel off the wall by a specified amount (depending upon user requirements).