Lynx™ Honeycomb Panel Specifications

The unique dismountable honeycomb panel system for the marouflage (continuous gluing of canvas to a solid support) and direct support of art works was developed in close association with an artist, Wilson Hurley, for his monumental set of landscape paintings now viewable at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, OK.

The system is based on 1" custom extrusions that interlock (see image below) and permit very precise alignment of the panel joints. The rationale for the system is:

  • Small transportable & more easily fabricated panels can be manufactured off-site
  • The honeycomb composite structure provides optimal strength to weight ratios
  • The use of aluminum as a support material totally circumvents dimensional changes and associated damages caused by humidity changes. These are normally seen for organic materials (cellulosics - cotton, linen, wood).
  • The system is seismically competent and isolates the work of art from the actual walls of the building
  • Renders the process of reversing the installation simple, cost-effective and non-damaging to the work of art.

LYNX™ Panel Joining System

1" Custom Aluminum Extrusion for precise panel alignment.

1 Inch Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Precise Panel Alignment
Panel joined after careful alignment.

Basic Components:

  • Lynx™ male and female custom linking 1" aluminum extrusions - 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Aluminum honeycomb - 1" x 3/8" cell or equivalent
  • Aluminum skins - 0.020-0.040" thick (depending upon supplies at time of order)
  • Adhesive for skins to honeycomb - 2-part marine epoxy, structural urethane or structural acrylic as dictated by application
  • Adhesive for aluminum edge closeouts and joint extrusions - as above
  • Other edge closeouts on request - Ciba-Geigy Accustick, Epocast 1681-AB, 2-part kneadable, low-density, syntactic epoxy

Panels will be supplied in a vertical format with a maximum width of 6' and a minimum width of 4' in lengths up to 14' (dependent upon readily available supplies at time of actual order). Generalized engineering specifications are available upon request. These components far exceed nominal shear, tensile and compressive strengths of most building materials.

Attachment and Mounting Detail

Due to the low mass of the panel system (approximately 1.2 lbs./sq. ft.), it is possible to support the entire system with the most minimal set of attachments. Given the 1" thickness of the panels, unit loadings are minimal.

Adjustable Edge Mounting System for ALuminum Honeycomb Panels

The bottom edges of the panels are generally supported by sections of slotted 1.75" or 2" (1/8" thick) aluminum angle that are lagged into the existing wall with 1/4" steel self- drilling, self-tapping screws or lags (as many of which can be set into the existing structural members as possible). A single fitting of this type has a minimum 500 lb. rating.

The slots will match the preexisting edge hardware (10-32 or 1/4-20 304SS hex bolts). The entire painting can be precisely set for depth with this type of flexible slotted system. See the image above.

The load is vertical and the non-vertical moment is negligible. The system for fixing the vertical and top edges utilizes the same slotted angle system but the lengths of angle are limited to 2-3" pieces for single lags. Only 2-4 of these anchors are used over the top and side edges of most panels.

The system can be installed with 1" clearances on each edge. However, 2" clearance is preferable for ease of tool manipulation.