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Savant Tools™ arose out of experience doing real work in the real world. Our mission is to provide working professionals and ambitious amateurs with tools that make sense and will save them time and effort as well as do jobs in ways that other tools simply cannot!


our founder

Duane Chartier is one of the only Master’s level art conservators who has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He has worked with many well-known artists such as Richard Wyatt, Maynard Dixon, Robert Walker, Ralph Gilbert, Alyson Souza, Terry Schoonhoven and Wilson Hurley on materials selection, support fabrication and installations.

The people who know him well have all heard him say “Problem solving is what I was designed to do”. This is not a boast but an assurance.

Professional services specializing in:

Art Conservation - Painting and Objects
Art Condition Surveys
Art Authentication Services
Installation and De-installation of Art - Any Size to Anywhere!
Highest Quality Conservation Framing